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Welcome to StinkyThings, home of Genuine StinkyThings® brand air fresheners. We are your source for retail, wholesale and personalized custom printed air fresheners. We offer the highest quality, longest lasting, most attractive air fresheners in the world. Life Stinks… We can Help™, home of StinkyThings® brand air fresheners. The only air fresheners in the world with a Lifetime Guarantee!

StinkyThings air fresheners are proudly made in the U.S.A. using the finest fragrances and materials.

  • We manufacture all kinds of air fresheners in any number of shapes, colors and scents .
  • We are constantly adding new designs so be sure to check in with us frequently.

Not only do we make retail air fresheners, but we have been making custom and personalized air fresheners for over 20 years.

Central Tire ServiceOur History

A good friend of mine owns a truck tire service, Central Tire in Islip, NY. (John, this is your free advertising plug.) And he was a bit short handed one week. I decided to lend him a hand and go on out on a few service calls with him. I mean how hard could it be change a truck tire, right? As luck would have it, our first road call was on a cesspool truck! I said, “John, we’re gonna need some air fresheners after this one.” Suddenly a light turned on in my head. What if I could make custom air fresheners as a promotional item? WOW! The perfect advertisement. Every time a customer looks in their rear view mirror, they will see your logo. Not only will they see your logo hundreds of times a day, their car will smell great. So I told John about this idea I had just had, and he said, “You make ’em and I will be your first customer!” Scentsational Promotions had just been born, and that was over 20 years ago. We have been going strong ever since.

Our Commitment

At we pride  ourselves on our dedication to customer service and our commitment to quality.

  • We pride ourselves on making every single air freshener right here in the USA. Efficient manufacturing keeps prices LOW!
  • Only the finest materials are used.
  • We are all about GOING GREEN.
  • We use recycled paper whenever possible.
  • Our inks are water based and non-toxic.
  • We offer the longest lasting, most pleasing fragrances available.


Life Stinks. We can Help.


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